There are many types of jewellery valuations for insurance purposes that you can get to protect your property from fire, theft or loss.

What is a Valuation?

A valuation is when a full detailed description and dollar value is placed on your jewellery. There are many different reasons to seek a valuation for your jewellery and be sure to state what your reason is (such as insurance replacement). Valuations can only be used for that purpose, which will be described on your valuation document.

Why should you get a valuation?

There are many different reasons to seek a valuation. It could protect the value of your jewellery in the event of fire, theft or loss or ascertain a fair price for a private sale.

Why get a valuation with JVS?

JVS valuers provide all types of valuations and you can be sure that any work undertaken by a JVS member will be recognised by all insurance companies under the Insurance Council.

You can be sure you can trust any valuation you receive from a JVS member.

How much are valuations?

The cost of valuing can vary on each piece, depending on how complex, research etc. is required. Call your local jeweller or JVS member to give you a quote.

What are the different types of valuations?

The common types of jewellery valuations are;