The Jewellery Valuers Society has qualified gemmologist and/or diamond grader members throughout New Zealand.

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Qualifications your valuer should have

Your jewellery valuer should be a qualified gemmologist and diamond grader.

JVS Members are required to be qualified gemmologists and diamond graduates. Associate members are currently studying for their qualifications. Gemmology is a scientific subject and the maximum qualification available is a Diploma. There is no New Zealand qualification in Gemmology so JVS qualified gemmologists have all completed their training overseas.

When you get your jewellery valued, be sure to look for the following qualifications –

  • Gemmology Qualifications
  • G.G.
  • F.G.A.
  • F.G.A.A.
  • A.G.
  • D.Gem Dip
  • Diamond Grading Qualifications
  • G.G.
  • D.G. (G.I.A.)
  • D.G.A.
  • A.G.
  • Diamond Dip. (G.A.A.)
  • HRD Diamonds

What do these mean?